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Drug Detox

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Drug Detox

Drug abuse can have detrimental effects on both the mind and body. It can also ruin careers, families, and relationships. At Liberty House, we provide compassionate care and specialized services to help victims of substance abuse achieve lasting recovery.

Drug detox is a solid foundation for lasting sobriety. A complete drug detox program can help you safely manage withdrawal symptoms and break the addictive cycle.

Drug addiction’s physical and mental effects require time and effort to overcome. Without an initial detox, you won’t be able to purge your body from the harmful substances and enjoy lasting healing.


Do you need urgent help?

Liberty House follows a holistic approach to recovery. We’ve created a caring space where patients can heal their mind, body, and spirit. Our compassionate staff provides the highest quality treatments that take into account your unique needs and challenges.


Our Process

Step 1: Customized Care Plan

During intake, our drug detox team will carry out extensive assessments that include a medical examination, psychological assessments, personal drug use history, family history of addiction, and more. This helps us develop a personalized addiction treatment plan.

Step 2: Detoxing

Our addiction treatment experts will safely remove addictive substances from your body. We’ll also monitor you 24/7, giving you medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms associated with drug use.

Step 3: Treatment

After the successful completion of detox, we’ll start intensive treatment programs and therapies to examine the underlying issues that may have led you to your substance use disorder.

Step 4: Recovery & Aftercare

We’ll continue giving you transitional and continuing care so you can have a successful and long-term recovery.