Monica Thirant

Clinical Director

Monica earned her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from California Baptist University in Riverside, following a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University San Bernardino and two liberal arts degrees from Crafton Hills Community College. As a licensed therapist since 2018, she is trained and certified in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and Watch, Wait, Listen, as well as experienced in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, internal family systems modality, crisis intervention, and grief and loss. Her approach to addiction combines CBT and IFS while integrating anxiety and stress management skills. She strongly believes in providing each individual with dignity in their treatment and autonomy in their therapeutic process.

Reynaldo Aguilar – SUDCC

Reynaldo Aguilar is a Certified Substance Use Disorder Counselor (SUDCC) who believes his personal struggle with substance abuse and education puts him in a unique position to assist others on their journey to wholeness. He understands how trauma (pain) that is not dealt with and transformed is transmitted in destructive ways. He understands what it takes to overcome certain obstacles, to achieve tools in order to maintain sobriety and work toward inner healing. One of the best qualities he believes he possesses that will serve him well as he works with others who are struggling is empathy, the ability to be present and understanding toward others and their struggle with addiction. As “Hurt people, hurt people…Healed people heal people!” He has worked as the Program Director for The Wellness & Recovery Program for the non-profit Partnership Re-Entry Program (PREP) where he continues to facilitate recovery and rehabilitation workshops at California state prisons. He also works as a Victim Offender Dialogue facilitator with Mend Collaborative through Victim Services.

Patt Ochoa – CADC III

Program Director

Patt Ochoa is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor III (CADC III) passionate about helping people recover from addiction. His personal experience with addiction and his journey to recovery led him to pursue a career in counseling. Patt started by creating a Recovery Component for a sober high school and focused on treating the whole family to ensure a successful recovery. He co-founded OCTLC, Inc., Sustain Recovery in Irvine, California, which provides a 24-hour structured home for young people to recover for a minimum of six months. Patt also runs groups in high schools throughout Orange County and created 11:11 Intervention Inc. and 11:11 Coaching, which offer services such as interventions, case management, sober mentoring, and transport. Patt believes in educating families and addicts, helping them make the decision to seek treatment, and providing support to achieve sobriety.


Serenna MacLachlan

Utilization Review Specialist and EMDR Therapist

Serenna is an accomplished addiction Society American Medicine (ASAM) Utilization Management professional, making her a top expert in her field. Her exceptional communication skills and extensive knowledge of ASAM treatment criteria have helped many clients at Liberty House receive high-quality care and maximize their insurance coverage under their benefits plan. In addition to her Utilization Management work, Serenna offers EMDR services to clients who require trauma treatment. This widely recognized treatment method has been successful globally, and her proficiency in the technique allows her to provide exceptional care to those who need it. Serenna’s commitment to delivering outstanding services and her expertise, skills, and empathy make her an invaluable member of the Liberty House team, helping clients achieve successful outcomes in their addiction treatment and recovery journey.

Alex Yarza

Operations Director

Alex Yarza’s immense passion for helping those struggling with addiction is evident in his role as Director of Operations, which stems from his extensive life and work experiences. He is particularly driven to work with medically complex populations at the intersection of substance abuse and mental health issues. With experience in various forms of addiction recovery, including detox, residential, IOP, PHP, and Joint Commission, Alex’s expertise in the field is undeniable. He is also an entrepreneur who is committed to serving others. In addition to his current role, he is nearing the completion of a vocational nurse license, demonstrating his continued dedication to expanding his knowledge and skills to better help those in need.

Jeanne Andrews

Holistic Services

Jeanne began practicing yoga at 16 and discovered its power to transform her mental, emotional, and physical health. She realized that taking responsibility for her well-being was essential and adopted a clean diet and daily yoga practice. Jeanne received her first teaching certification with Rainbow Kids Yoga in 2012 and started teaching yoga to families and children in her local community. After obtaining her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification with Drishti YTT in Thailand, she began teaching yoga and meditation in drug rehab and mental health crisis facilities, drawing from her own experiences growing up in a family impacted by addiction and mental health struggles. Jeanne channeled her pain after the sudden loss of her stepdaughter and older brother into her purpose and pursued nutrition education to complement her yoga teachings. Her goal is to educate her clients on the link between diet and mental, emotional, and physical health and help young people and those struggling with addiction and mental health.


Nutrition / Chef

Chef Cecilia’s passion for culinary arts was passed down to her by her grandmother, a renowned culinary chef. Though initially trained in nursing, Chef Cecilia decided to follow her true calling as a culinary artisan. She gained extensive experience by working in high-end restaurants, including Urban pop-up restaurants in Los Angeles, where she honed her skills in remote rustic cooking and catering. Chef Cecilia was mentored by vegan chef Allen Cooper, who encouraged her to explore vegan cuisine. With years of experience in the healthcare system, she combines her knowledge of flavor and food with her passion for providing healthy, flavorful, and nutritionally-dense cuisine for her clients. Chef Cecilia also enjoys baking and pastry-making, and her love for food, people, healing, and home-style cooking is evident in all her creations.

Do you need urgent help?

Liberty House follows a holistic approach to recovery. We’ve created a caring space where patients can heal their mind, body, and spirit. Our compassionate staff provides the highest quality treatments that take into account your unique needs and challenges.

Our Process

Step 1: Customized Care Plan

During intake, our drug detox team will carry out extensive assessments that include a medical examination, psychological assessments, personal drug use history, family history of addiction, and more. This helps us develop a personalized addiction treatment plan.

Step 2: Detoxing

Our addiction treatment experts will safely remove addictive substances from your body. We’ll also monitor you 24/7, giving you medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms associated with drug use.

Step 3: Treatment

After the successful completion of detox, we’ll start intensive treatment programs and therapies to examine the underlying issues that may have led you to your substance use disorder.

Step 4: Recovery & Aftercare

We’ll continue giving you transitional and continuing care so you can have a successful and long-term recovery.