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Liberty House Recovery is a drug and alcohol detox and rehab center located in Redlands, California
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At Liberty House Recovery, we don’t just focus on the addiction. Our substance abuse rehabilitation center values holistic healing and lasting recovery. Choose from our wide range of addiction treatment programs now.

Liberty House Recovery offers evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment in the beautiful quaint town of Redlands, California. With decades of combined experience, we believe that family, community, and human connection are vital aspects of substance abuse recovery. Each one of our clients seeking treatment is met with love and understanding from our world-class medical and psych professionals. Our clinical staff creates an individualized addiction treatment plan that is trauma informed, allowing us to provide results-driven treatment for everyone dealing with addiction and mental health challenges.

Our Redlands Rehab Center Detox Programs

Finding a medical detox center in Redlands, California, has never been easier. You’re one call away from finding you or your loved one the safe and comfortable facility they need to detox off drugs or alcohol.

Medical professional preparing to take a patient's blood pressure with a digital monitor.
Alcohol Detox
Our staff at our alcohol rehab facility will safely monitor your alcohol addiction withdrawal symptoms and prescribe medications that will relieve your cravings.
A woman holds a notebook and pen and takes notes during a group session in a cozy room at a drug rehab center.
Opioid Detox
We seek to medically stabilize patients, minimize potentially harmful effects of opioid withdrawal, and help you transition into therapy and continued care.
A healthcare professional appears to be preparing to take a blood sample or administer a medical test to a patient in a clinical setting.
Benzo Detox
At our drug abuse and alcohol treatment facility in Redlands, Southern California, our team will ensure a more comfortable recovery through medication assisted treatment programs.

Why Choose Liberty House Recovery

At Liberty House, we focus on rebuilding lives and restoring hope for individuals and families dealing with substance abuse addiction and dual diagnosis disorders. We work with licensed professionals, therapists, mental health specialists, and counseling experts who serve with honesty, compassion, and empathy.

As one of the leading treatment centers in Southern California, we are dedicated and committed in delivering unparalleled service to our clients, as well as access to a continuum of care that gives each client the best possible chance for lasting sobriety as they move on with their lives.

We combine a holistic approach with evidence-based treatment options, solidifying the effectiveness of our addiction treatment programs. At our facilities, we offer CBT, DBT, EMDR, and group therapy. Family therapy for parents, spouses and loved ones of our clients is also available. We also provide aftercare and relapse prevention risk strategies to help our clients reintegrate themselves in the community.

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The Treatment You Need To Reclaim Your Life

The First Step to Overcoming Drug & Alcohol Addiction

When substance abuse is dominating your life, entering a professional addiction treatment program is the first step towards successful recovery. Our treatment center in Redlands, California is a refuge for those who abuse alcohol and drugs as well as those facing co-occurring disorders.

Our addiction treatment program includes extensive therapy to mitigate alcohol- and drug-seeking behaviors, help you develop healthier coping mechanisms in your life, and prevent relapse.

If you struggle with co-occurring disorders, we offer dual diagnosis treatment programs that simultaneously treat mental health conditions. This way, we not only deal with the addiction, but also offer treatment for your mental health concerns.


Say Yes to Long-term Sobriety

Liberty House aims to be a place of personal growth and health. Our hope is that through our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, we can support recovery and healing no matter what disorder you’re facing. Contact us to learn more about how we can tailor an addiction treatment program for you at our rehabilitation center in California.


Supportive and Healing Environment for Substance Abuse

There are so many substance abuse treatment Centers in California, but what sets us apart is that we provide a supportive place where you can heal and recover not only from your drug or alcohol addiction, but also on a holistic level.

At Liberty House Recovery, we value your safety and privacy above all else. Trust us to provide a secure and confidential environment where you can recover from trauma, improve your health habits, and start your sober living journey.

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