How Long Does It Take to Medically Detox?

Are you or a loved one engaged in regular, heavy drinking or drug use? Have you recently tried to quit drinking or using but found that you could not stop without getting sick or experiencing discomfort? If so, you are probably a good candidate to consider medical detox from drug or alcohol dependence. What is […]

The Surprising Benefits of Attending a Luxury Addiction Treatment Center

Detoxing and quitting drugs can be an incredibly stressful experience. You will experience many unpleasant side effects and deal with many difficult emotions. For these reasons, many individuals who are experiencing addiction find themselves unable to complete a stay in detox or rehab. Those that do may relapse months down the line.  It makes sense […]

An Overview of Addiction Treatment Modalities

Addiction is one of the most challenging diseases to treat. Those suffering from substance use disorders live the rest of their lives fighting their addiction, and around 37% of patients in one study experienced a relapse within three months of attaining sobriety. However, some addiction treatments have been scientifically proven to be effective. Evidence-based addiction […]

Telltale Signs of Drug Abuse

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Do you know someone who always seems tired, easily confused, or irritated? Is their performance at work or school continually decreasing? Do they often withdraw from other people to spend time alone? Are they overly defensive when you draw attention to  these concerns? The bad news is that these are common signs of drug abuse. […]