What to Expect with Addiction Recovery in Redlands, CA

Addiction recovery can be a frightening idea when you don’t know what you’re walking into. Feeling like you are out of control can make it difficult to want to go after getting sober and clean, but what if you knew you could enter a program designed to help you? Specifically, crafted and curated for you in your situation? If you knew every step in the process and which step you needed to take in order to get clean, it would be much less frightening and much easier to get a hold of your addiction, wouldn’t it? Let’s talk about how Liberty House Recovery can help you take your recovery plan by the reins.

Creating A Custom Care Plan

Our first step when we’re helping an addict is to conduct a custom care plan for them. To do this, we take into account all of their needs, desires, and the drug of choice that they are addicted to. When someone is addicted, it’s important to develop a care plan that works well for them. To do this, we take pride in making sure it’s customizable so that we can give them the support that they want and need.

Detoxing In Redlands, CA

After creating a custom care plan, the first thing we usually do is detox the patient. This usually takes several days and may need medical intervention depending on the drug of choice. We usually take care of the patient in our own facility during this time, which is when much of the withdrawal symptoms set in. Withdrawal is one of the immediate consequences of not actively consuming the drug of choice. Detoxing is an essential step to breaking down your addiction; if your body doesn’t get to a point where it exists without your drug of choice, you won’t be able to recover from your drug of choice.

Long-Term Treatment Foundations

Preparing long-term treatment foundations so a patient can succeed is an incredibly important part of addiction recovery. Without this step, a patient can directly spiral into depression and relapse quite quickly. These long-term foundations are based on the individual needs of the patient that is accessing them, and without these foundations, many people who do try to step out of addiction would not be successful. Long-term treatment plans help people get and stay sober and change their lives for the better. Without long-term treatment foundations, more people wouldn’t be able to sustain recovery.


Recovery can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming, but overall it’s worth it. Recovery takes time and usually involves a series of different things, but we craft each program to the individual in our care and the addiction that they have. Each person’s journey is different from someone else’s, even if they had the same addiction and similar life experiences. Recovery at first can be a difficult process, but over time it gets easier and easier.

Recovery takes time and usually entails a variety of various things, but we build each program for the people in our care and the addiction that they have. Each person’s journey is distinct from someone else, even if they have the same addiction and similar life situations. Recovery at first can be a challenging process, but over time it gets simpler and easier.


Getting care after your initial recovery is incredibly important. It may include therapy and regular connections with people who can and will continue to support you throughout your recovery. Aftercare is supportive care to encourage you and guide you when you’re out on your own. Those who don’t maintain consistent aftercare can more easily slip back into addiction with little to no resistance if merely offered their drug of choice.

Some Symptoms To Expect

The symptoms you should expect are going to depend on the drug you are addicted to. Alcohol addiction, for example, can cause nausea, trembling, anxiety, and even hallucinations and seizures. Even withdrawal from alcohol addiction can, in cases of heavy addiction, be life-threatening. Every drug has different withdrawal symptoms, but every addictive drug also has dangerous withdrawal symptoms which can threaten your life if you try to quit on your own, which is why we have a detox center to help you manage and come off of your drug of choice without severe symptoms.


It can be anxiety-inducing to think about living a life without your drug of choice, but in most cases, it’s actually freeing to live without the severe impact of addiction. The anxiety of the situation can be overwhelming, but pushing through that overwhelming situation to come out the other side is an incredible feat that many people are proud of themselves for. Anxiety will come and go, and the stress of it will leave as well, but being sober can last a lifetime, and that is something worth fighting for.


It’s not uncommon for people in recovery to have issues with depression as well. Your life as you knew it has changed, and everything about your life and how it will play out is different. The friends you have will leave you behind, the people who cared about you will suddenly dislike sober you, anyone you did drugs with will vanish into the wind, and your support system might become shaky if your family didn’t know you did drugs. Regardless of all of that, it’s important to remember why you’re getting clean and keep that memory in the forefront of your mind.

Getting clean and becoming sober can be a frightening experience that many people don’t bounce back from. Some people find it too easy to just sit with their drug of choice and let everything melt away. Thankfully if you do decide to get clean and start getting sober, there are a  lot of resources that can help you get and stay drug-free. Don’t let anxiety and depression stop you from taking on getting clean; your life can change in amazing ways when you’re not focusing on getting and using your drug of choice. If you or a loved one is ready to get help, reach out to Liberty House Recovery in Redlands, CA, today!