Xanax Street Names: Know the Risks

Anxiety disorders have become increasingly common, affecting millions across the globe. Xanax, a prescription drug known for its sedative effects, is prescribed to treat anxiety and panic disorders. However, Xanax, or alprazolam, has found a notorious place in the illicit drug market, often peddled under slang terms to evade law enforcement and regulation.

Xanax street names are not just limited to in-person transactions but are also used online, facilitating the illicit sale of Xanax. The adaptation of these slang terms serves as a coded language, allowing transactions to occur under the radar of unsuspecting observers and authorities.

Understanding these aliases and the dangers of counterfeit pills is crucial for those in the drug recovery community and individuals grappling with anxiety. You don’t want to open yourself to the danger of purchasing counterfeit alprazolam pills. While Xanax is a life-saving drug for individuals struggling with anxiety, it can also cause dependency and addiction if used inappropriately.

Guy giving money in exchange of xanax

What are the street names for Xanax?

Street names for Xanax are used as a way to disguise what the substance actually is. They can be different in various locations and may change over time, making it challenging for law enforcement to identify and track down illegal activities related to Xanax.

These street names are also used when selling Xanax pills online and are even mentioned in popular songs, further normalizing the use and abuse of this prescription drug.

Some common street names for the brand name Xanax include:

  • Xannies/Zannies
  • Zanbars/Bars
  • School Bus
  • Yellow Boys/White Boys/Girls.
  • Planks
  • Bricks
  • Benzos
  • Blue Footballs
  • Upjohn
  • Z-Bars

Fake Xanax sold in the streets and online 

While there may be some legitimate pills being sold illicitly online or on the streets, what’s disturbing is the prevalence of counterfeit Xanax being produced and sold by drug dealers. Drug peddlers often call these fake Xanax pills by their street names to hide their actual contents.

However, many of these counterfeit pills do not even contain alprazolam and are often mixed with dangerous substances that can be very dangerous. Instead of helping your anxiety, taking these drugs can even lead to severe health problems.

Dangers of fake Xanax 

The risks of fake Xanax are extremely serious. People looking for anxiety relief or addiction treatment could end up in dangerous situations. A lot of times, victims of drug overdose are those who unknowingly took counterfeit Xanax, thinking it was the real thing.

Fake Xanax, which is often mixed with powerful opioids like fentanyl, creates a high risk of deadly overdose. Unknown chemicals in these pills can cause unexpected and harmful side effects, which may even make mental health problems worse.

Counterfeit pills increase the likelihood of developing substance use disorders, making drug and alcohol treatment and recovery more complicated. Additionally, buying Xanax under street names exposes individuals to both legal penalties and significant health risks. This can hinder the treatment of anxiety disorders and the effort to seek treatment for substance abuse.

Xanax pills in the palm of  a man's hand

Treatment for Xanax addiction in Redlands, CA 

The illegal sale of Xanax, often under street names, poses a big risk to people looking for relief from anxiety or addiction. The danger increases with counterfeit pills being sold, highlighting the need to seek treatment and relief through safe, legitimate ways.

By educating people about the slang terms for Xanax and the dangers of fake pills, we aim to protect those at risk and help guide them towards a safer recovery and better mental health.

For those battling anxiety or navigating the road to recovery from Xanax addiction, there are safer alternatives. Consulting a medical professional can lead to prescribed medication under careful supervision, offering professional help for those in need.

Rehab centers, as specialized addiction treatment facilities, provide support for substance use disorders, offering a clear path to recovery. Therapy plays a crucial role in addressing the root causes of anxiety, which can significantly reduce the reliance on medication. Engaging with community support groups offers solace and understanding, effectively reducing the sense of isolation for individuals.

At Liberty House Recovery in Redlands, CA, we can help you or your loved one struggling with Xanax addiction. Our team of trained professionals offers a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment, addressing mental health and substance use disorders concurrently.